Introducing a new ONLINE continuing education course


The Body Positive Psychotherapy 10 CEU online course provides professionals with cutting-edge tools to help their clients who are struggling with eating and body image problems. Psychotherapist Elizabeth Scott, LSCW, teaches professionals to support clients to listen to and trust their own internal wisdom, and to take responsibility for their own self-care, starting at the most fundamental level—feeding themselves.

Elizabeth and The Body Positive’s co-founder, Connie Sobczak, have refined their model over the past seventeen years, creating a unique, whole-person approach to the prevention of eating disorders. Elizabeth has further developed this model into a powerful resource for the treatment of people in recovery from eating disorders.

In this 10 CEU online course, participants first read The Body Positive’s new book, Embody: Learning to Love Your Unique Body (and quiet that critical voice!) to learn about the Core Competencies of the Be Body Positive Model, and then complete the five-hour online training program composed of lively and engaging video and text tutorials that explore the Competencies as applied to treatment.

Through the course, participants will become equipped with creative, practical tools to help their clients understand their bodies’ physiology, pay mindful attention to their eating behaviors, replace weight loss motivated exercise with health-oriented movement, and compassionately transform their critical voices into supportive allies. Additionally, professionals learn positive strategies to address their clients’ beliefs about beauty and health that underlie their body-hatred, the importance of positively re-imagining their own beauty, and how to create community that supports their recovery.

COST: $98.00 + purchase price of Embody, which can be ordered through The Body Positive or at,, or iTunes. This course is appropriate for any member of a treatment team that works with individuals with eating disorders, including social workers, counselors, dietitians, nurses, psychiatrists, and psychologists. CE hours are available for masters level therapists.

Elizabeth is the co-founder of The Body Positive, and has been practicing psychotherapy in Marin County, California for twenty-five years, specializing in eating disorders treatment. In her prevention work, Elizabeth trains students and staff from middle school through college to lead Body Positive programs on their campuses. She has also been training and supervising treatment professionals in all levels of care for more than twenty years.


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