Elizabeth has been practicing psychotherapy since 1988 in Marin County California. She works with teens and adults who are dealing with a wide range of difficulties including depression, loss and grief, anxiety, chronic illness and relationship problems. She listens to her clients and shares information to help them develop practical skills so they can identify and move towards what is really important to them. She helps clients build healthy relationships, first with themselves and then with the people in their lives. Her clients get well. They tend to appreciate her humor and warmth, and the practical, hands-on approach she brings to therapy.

Eating Disorder Treatment

Elizabeth offers comprehensive, outpatient treatment for clients who suffer from eating and body image problems. She works in a tightly knit team with a doctor and registered dietitian and a psychiatrist if needed.  Her work is guided by the Be Body Positive model that she developed with Connie Sobczak at The Body Positive.  This treatment model is a framework for addressing suffering related to body image, weight, and identity that motivates people to shift their focus away from ineffective and harmful weight-loss efforts, and towards sustainable, positive, self-care behaviors. It is an intuitive approach to health and wellbeing, and is rooted in the philosophy that people inherently possess the wisdom necessary to make healthy choices and to live in balance. Elizabeth’s approach helps clients to:


  • Think critically about the messages they have been told about their body and food
  • Trust their own experience
  • Rebuild their capacity to listen to their own bodies when considering what to eat and how to exercise
  • Cultivate a quality of fierce self-love to resist mean and aggressive messages and actions from others
  • Inhabit and express their own authentic beauty
  • Surround themselves with community that supports their journey to freedom from the eating disorder


With teen clients, Elizabeth works closely with parents and the treatment team to support the adolescent’s complete recovery. She helps teens to develop internal resources to avoid high-risk behaviors linked with self-hatred and body dissatisfaction such as drug and alcohol use, eating disorders, cutting and unsafe sexual activity. Her approach is positive, hopeful and very successful.

She considers her clients recovered when they are able to eat and exercise in ways that are peaceful and balanced and that help them to maintain their genetically inherited “natural weight.” The weight that is appropriate for their individual body. To support her clients’ full recovery she encourages them to connect with the vibrant eating disorders prevention movement of The Body Positive so that they can become a part of the solution to society’s mixed up messages effecting eating and body image.

Read this article to learn the history of the development of Elizabeth’s treatment and prevention model. 

The Body Positive: Celebrating 20 Years of Successful Activism to End Eating Disorders

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